How Long Is A Book? How Many Pages Do A Book Have? We say a book can be only one page long. A POEM is a book because it gives you a complete story all on one page. Register NOW and share Your BOOK.

Read Black Books and watch Black Videos by Black Authors. Black Americans Authors and New Books by Authors all around the World. We List Authors and we have a Black Forum to discuss New Authors. Black Online Networking together for 2014. Black people meet and Network with each other for the common good. 2014 Is A New Year For All Black Writers. Black Authors Meet Here And Share Their Writings with Other Black Writers. Join NOW and add a chapter or two for all to get an ideal about your writing. Share Ideals And The Latest News On Getting Black Books Published and Advertise your Books and short stories Free. Black Writers Networking Together for 2014. Feel Free To Upload A Review Video and Tell The World About Your Book Or Soon To Be Book. Our book of the year is written by J. Cole Thomas (Sea of Circles )..

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